Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wayne Memorial informing patients CD with records lost

A compact disc including information on Medicare patients at Wayne Memorial Hospital disappeared recently enroute to its intended recipient. An administrator at Wayne Memorial in Honesdale on Nov. 28 sent the unencrypted disc and related paperwork by certified mail to the Pittsburgh office of Novitas Solutions Inc., a Camp Hill-based Medicare administrative contractor, the hospital reported.
Although it was mailed in a legal envelope, Wayne Memorial officials say it arrived at Novitas' Pittsburgh offices in a cardboard box without the disc. They were notified Dec. 3 that the disc was missing.
Hospital officials suspect the original package was damaged at a postal facility, the disc was lost and the paperwork was inserted into another package, which was delivered to Novitas.
The disc contained the names of 1,182 people who had been Medicare patients at the Honesdale hospital between 2007 and 2012 and have account balances outstanding, hospital spokeswoman Lisa Champeau said. Most of the patients' Medicare account numbers were included on the disc, she said

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