Sunday, April 8, 2012

Georgia Health Sciences University - Laptop stolen from HOME

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Georgia Health Sciences University has notified 513 patients about the theft of a laptop computer that may have contained some of their personal information.

n Jan. 18, a nurse practitioner who works in sickle cell clinics across Georgia, including the Georgia Health Sciences Adult Sickle Cell Clinic, had a laptop computer stolen from her home. The information in the records on the laptop was limited to name, date of birth, limited diagnosis information and an internal code associated with the patient’s laboratory tests. The records did not include addresses, Social Security numbers or financial information.

The theft was reported to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, as well as campus Public Safety and privacy and security officers.

“Everyone at Georgia Health Sciences is committed to protecting our patients’ privacy and we greatly regret this incident,” said Christine Adams, Enterprise Privacy Officer. “We have taken steps to further strengthen our security efforts and are making every attempt to personally notify patients whose information may have been involved.”

Patients of the Adult Sickle Cell Clinic who are concerned they may be affected but were not notified are encouraged to contact Adams at 800-576-6623, 706-721-1626 or

Note: This is Interesting because the theft occured at home.  Again, encrypt, encrypt, encrypt.  It is not hard to do.  If the laptop had been encrypted, reporting would not have been required.  Ensure you also use and train on strong passwords or use two factor authentication.

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