Friday, October 21, 2011

FBI Investigating Florida Hospital Breach

CELEBRATION, Fla. -- Osceola County deputies on Wednesday identified three people accused of stealing private information from patients at Florida Hospital in Celebration, which is now being investigated by the FBI.

Former hospital employees April Baker and Katrina Munroe, and her husband, Dale Munroe, were fired after 2,252 patients, mostly victims of car accidents, had their information siphoned to an attorney referral service, deputies said.

The breach started in January 2010, however, the hospital did not notify the public until September when it took out a small ad in the Orlando Sentinel.

Now, the FBI is investigating.

“The Orlando FBI office recently received information alleging that patient records may have been compromised and we are coordinating with Florida Hospital representatives to investigate the matter,” an FBI spokesman said in a statement.

Investigators said Wednesday that they could not find anything criminal, because privacy laws prevent the hospital from releasing patients' personal information. So far, the hospital has not found any cases of fraud. It has also restricted office workers from getting access to patient records.


los angeles personal injury attorney said...

It is just disturbing that some of these hospitals cannot protect our privacy when we trusted them to do so. Seems like anybody can get these information for a right amount of money.

medical billing specialist said...

This is indeed a breach of the patients medical record privacy act. This is also a breach of trusts, thus their reputation is soon to follow. I had hope that this is just a case of misplacing the medical records.

Anita said...

Hospitals must treat all the information with confidentiality. This will protect not only the reputation of a person but also the security. The information from the hospital can be used by others for fraudulent acts that may have a great impact on the freedom and privacy of the patient.

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