Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arrested for Stealing Hospital Records (Felony Larceny) Wake Forest Baptist

MIAOULIS NOTE:  The charge is felony larceny and based on the article does not include a HIPAA Charge.  This is another in a growing list of individuals arrested for Hospital Breaches.  Educate your workforce that they could be prosecuted for breaching patient's confidentiality.
Winston-Salem, NC -- You trust hospitals to keep your personal information safe. But, police now say a Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center employee, Linda Turner, stole hundreds, possibly thousands, of people's medical records.

They say she kept the files in the basement of a home she owned and other storage units.

Prosecutors charged Turner with felony larceny and she was fired from the hospital. She'll be in court later this month. No one knows why she took home those medical files, including Nathaniel Cravanzola, the person who discovered them in the basement of his home.

When Cravanzola moved into the house, he never expected to find boxes of stolen medical records in the basement. They are dated from 1995 to 2006.

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