Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Allina Terminates 32 Employees -

Alina Hospital confirmed today that it has fired 32 employees for improperly accessing private patient records.

The patients involved were hospitalized after a mass overdose of a hallucinogen called 2C-E, one man, 19 year-old Trevor Robinson died.

Through a spokesperson, the hospital said it does periodic audits of it’s patient’s medical records to see who has accessed those records, and if they had a need to access the records. Due to the high profile nature of this incident, the hospital checked. It found 28 employees from Unity Hospital in Fridley, and 4 employees from Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids looked at the records despite having no medical necessity. All 32 employees were terminated. Alina says this is not the first time a patient's medical privacy has been violated, but that each time is has, the employee involved is terminated.
MIAOULIS NOTE:  Kudos to Allina, sorry for the individuals involved.  A warning to all healthcare workers, do not look at other peoples records.

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