Wednesday, May 5, 2010

22 Computers Stolen- Encryptions Project Underway

Security Breach in Orange County – St. Jude Heritage Healthcare Has 22 Computers Stolen And 22,000 Members Notified
St. Jude Heritage Healthcare in Fullerton has notified about 22,000 patients that their personal health data might have been accessed after five computers were stolen.

Heritage, which is affiliated with St. Jude Medical Center, sent letters about the theft last week, according to hospital spokeswoman Dru Ann Copping.

The stolen data was password protected but not encrypted. Patient information might have included Social Security numbers, date of birth and diagnosis. Heritage is offering fraud monitoring services to those patients, who are also urged to put fraud alerts on their credit files.

Fullerton police are investigating. In all, 22 computers were stolen, but only five contained patient records. Earlier this year, Heritage started encrypting medical data, but the process hasn't been completed.

MIAOULIS NOTE:  Just another reminder that organizations need to encrypt data and that the time to start was yesterday.  The sooner you encrypt the better you will be.

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