Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HIMSS Security Study

You can get the FULL REPORT:  certainly provides excellent information.

MIAOULIS NOTE:    I was surprised by how many organizations felt they were HIPAA and Regulatory Compliant, it was MUCH higher than I would have anticipated:
•Average responses were above a 6.0 (on a scale of 1-7, with 7 being the highest level of compliance) for almost all laws and regulations, including CMS Regulations, HIPAA, State Security Laws and Red Flags Rule.
NASHVILLE – Even as providers work to update their security environments, hospital data continues to be at serious risk, according to the 2010 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data.
Despite new statutory requirements for healthcare privacy and security, the study found critical gaps in data security – and its findings suggested that efforts to keep data safe were often more reactive than proactive, with hospitals dedicating more resources to breach response than to breach prevention.

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