Sunday, March 28, 2010

BAG containing documents

The theft of a document containing the names and Social Security numbers of 554 patients at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center was hardly unusual.

Federal health officials say that it was the 47th time since September 2009 that patient records of some sort had been breached from hospitals and health-insurance companies nationally.

Such breaches raise questions about the security measures being used by health-care providers on sensitive financial and medical information, as well as the need for records to be removed from secure sites.

In the Wake Forest Baptist case, a bag containing documents with the patient information was stolen Feb. 15 from an employee's locked car in the parking deck of an off-campus outpatient clinic. Hospital officials publicly revealed the theft on March.
MIAOULIS NOTES:  Remember it is just not PHI, but paper that can also cause a breach.

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