Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii- Tsunami (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Official: Hawaii 'Dodged a Bullet' After Tsunami, Strong Chile Quake,2933,587588,00.html

Hawaii under tsunami warning; Calif. coast, Alaskan islands under advisory,0,2985213.story

MIAOULIS NOTE: Fortunately, the Tsunami did not cause extensive damage in Hawaii.  Still natural disasters (hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc) are scary situations.  Healthcare facilities in Hawaii have unique challanges for preparing for a disaster, and for treating patients during a region wide disaster.  However, all organizations need a plan for responding to a localized disaster (loss of a computer room) to a a more regional disaster. Healthcare has unique challenges not found in other industries because the information is needed at the point of care.  A bank, insurance company, etcs. can move operations to another location.  Many business can shut down for a period of time.  Healthcare has unique challenges.

When conducting a Business Impact Analysis (Application Criticality Analysis)  healthcare should include a  focus on a PATIENT Impact Analysis.  If you have or are planning on using an external firm to assist you, I believe it is important that they have a strong healthcare background.   All too often, firms want to know how many nurses will you need to move to a hot site location or they focus on the financial impact to organizations.  If you have question or would like to discuss futher, please contact me.

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