Monday, February 15, 2010

French Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for U.S. Cyclist Floyd Landis

A French judge has issued an international arrest warrant for disgraced U.S. cyclist Floyd Landis for allegedly hacking into a lab computer at a facility run by the country's anti-doping agency, the agency's head told Reuters.......

"French judge (Thomas) Cassuto from the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre informed us that he had issued an international arrest warrant on Jan. 28 against Floyd Landis, who tested positive for banned testosterone during the 2006 Tour de France, after our laboratory computer system was hacked," Bordry said in an interview with Reuters.
French officials filed a criminal complaint in 2006 over the hacking, which they said was designed to discredit the drug tests they had conducted on Landis. No charges were filed against the 34-year-old at the time.

MIAOULIS NOTE:  Although this is not a HIPAA/HITECH breach, it does show a risk that organizations in the USA could learn from.

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