Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Federal data breach notification law passes in U.S. House

MIAOULIS NOTE:  We can all hope that this legislation passes as it would pre-empt the jumbled state laws and give everyone a single requirement to follow.,289142,sid195_gci1376407,00.html?track=NL-1166&ad=740484&asrc=EM_NLS_10340767&uid=7932224

The United States House of Representatives took a major step this week toward enacting a national data breach notification law.

H.R. 2221, the Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA), cleared the House with a voice vote. In its current form, DATA requires businesses to notify customers and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if sensitive information has been exposed to a security breach.

If the U.S. Senate can reconcile its own approach to data breach notification legislation with DATA, a new federal standard will emerge. If signed into law by President Barack Obama, a federal data breach law would pre-empt the jumbled mass of dozens of state laws.

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