Monday, October 19, 2009

Police: Woman At Hospital Tried To Steal Baby

ALBANY, Ore. -- An Albany woman is suspected of attempting to kidnap an infant from a hospital, police said.
Twenty-five-year-old Trinity Vidal-Hernandez was arrested Tuesday following an investigation into claims that she lied about a friend's medical emergency and then snuck into the maternity ward, said Captain Eric Carter of the Albany Police Department in a news release Tuesday.......

The CEO of the hospital commended staff members for catching Vidal-Hernandez.
"The staff did a really good job. They trust their instincts, they follow what they're trained to do and it helps," said David Triebes.
Triebes said security measures would have prevented Vidal-Hernandez from leaving the hospital with a baby.

MIAOULIS Note: Although this is not information security the protection of patients, visitors and employees should be part of a comphrensive security program. Training on how to handle situation can prove to be very important.

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